What you should not miss if you visit Ljubljana in one day

25/03/2016 16:09

Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital that many have seen in pictures ‒ a river, a castle, a historic centre and impressive churches that are the symbol of this city. The castle was destroyed by war and later rebuilt in a more contemporary style.

Ljubljana is perhaps not well known for its English tourists, though many people from other European countries travel there because of the similarities of the language in this European capital ‒ Ljubljana has a language very similar to Slovak speaking Slavic origin.

With a relaxed atmosphere and a lively youthful spirit it is definitely worth a visit to show us its charm.
Ljubljana is known for Joze Plecnik, the architect who designed several works in this important Slovenian city. But let's see what you can visit here and what attractions, and there are many, are worthy of our attention.

A tour of the capital of Slovenia

Definitely, first of all, visit Ljubljana Castle, to get to know the city. Take that climb to the tower, where we will get a stunning city view.
Sure, it is a castle where events such as weddings and exhibitions are also held. It is certainly the best place to spot all the detail of this beautiful city.

Preseren Square. This is the main square, filled with vivid and bustling life and the most famous of all the country, nearby the Ljubljanica River. On one side is the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation and on the other, in the river, we have the reflection of this beautiful pink church, famous for its pictorial beauty and pink colour.

The Triple Bridge is the architectural jewel of the city; it is in Preseren Square and is the most important of all crossings of the Ljubljanica River. It connects the old town with the new. And from there, we go to the Art Nouveau Bridge of Dragons, surrounded by four sinuous dragons that still dominate the bridge. This bridge and the Triple Bridge are the most famous in this city.

St Nicholas Cathedral. Look at the baroque frescoes and tell us if it isn’t worth the visit. You will see the Slovenian story written in its bronze doors.

Metelkova, moreover, is a former military barracks where there is now a centre of culture and where you can even see a former prison which is now a hostel. Also, it is a leisure area where many young and not so young come to enjoy some relaxation and a beer.

The banks of the Ljubljanica River

Like many places in this city, the banks of the Ljubljanica River abound with greenery and nature. Here you'll choose to go for a drink and you can hear great live music being played on the terraces. What lives hide behind these musicians?

The Central Market ‒ on one bank of the river there is a beautiful building where you can find fresh produce and the finest fruit and vegetables in the capital.

And finally we visit Tivoli Park, a large park with temporary exhibitions brought to Ljubljana from other locations.
This park offers everything that can be expected for those who love relaxation and culture: libraries, an outdoor pool and areas for cycling, or wander through its beautiful gardens.

Ljubljana certainly holds more hidden treasure for some than others, but that is why you have to discover ‒ or rediscover if you have visited before. Ljubljana is updated and renewed with each passing year; you must not lose out – go soon.


Editing by: Catherine Parker