What you should never put in your suitcase

18/09/2015 17:18

We all like travelling and we usually like to ensure our trip gives the maximum comfort possible. We are not referring to the level of comfort we have on the sofa, but many times we experience and discover a new place with the comfort we enjoy similar to when we are in our hometown.
And that’s a good thing! It's great that we can travel and discover new places and, at the same time, have with us small home accessories to enliven our lives and makes us feel easier.
This article is for you if you are interested to know what you should never put in your suitcase.

We all like to take our mobile phone while travelling and other tablet devices and chargers and all types of equipment to take pictures, listen to music or communicate via Wi-Fi with others. But why should we not put cameras in the suitcase? It is logical, but more on that later.
You should never put jewellery (rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.) in your suitcase. These are things of value, and if we want to take these on a trip then always hide them in a handbag or the hand luggage that we carry with us.
We all know how important medicines are for us. In many cases it is something essential which we cannot live without. And even if you’re medicines will be taking up precious space in the hand luggage, never put your medications in your suitcase. Remember that the suitcase is the easiest object to lose, especially at the airport. If you lose it or suffer a theft, you’ll have a big problem. Our health is most important.
The camera is another item that must never be put in checked baggage. We all know very well how our bags are manhandled as they enter or leave the aircraft. The workers have no sense of care towards them and throw them around as if they were just a plastic bag. Many times we’ve found a broken suitcase, or even things within become very misplaced. Imagine you put your camera inside.  After a comfortable flight, it’s quite possible that you will have to practically throw it away because a camera is very sensitive to any shock and cannot cope with the airline employees’ way of handling the luggage.

A few simple keys in your bag probably will not get damaged but remember that the theft or loss of your luggage at airports, especially if you doing a stop over is quite common. Lost keys may mean that you cannot get into your own house, which certainly is a problem or, at best, a waste of time while you fix it. Travelling Europe advises that after a long journey it does not want anyone to have to solve such problems.
It's clear that we should never put money in our suitcase but always in our hand baggage. Generally we all know this, but I imagine that even today some people still do the wrong thing. Be careful not to do this. The cases go through the control areas and all people on this planet love money. So do not provoke anyone’s temptation ‒ take your money in your hand baggage.
You might have a notebook with all your passwords, notes, customer numbers, identifiers ... That should not be put it in the suitcase where it could be accessed by any person while you are unaware and peacefully travelling. Take good care of your private things and do not let other people know what you hide in the leaves of your notebook.
You know how important it is to have clean teeth. What if your suitcase is among those that are lost, or travels to the wrong destination, and it’s your destiny that shops are closed after your arrival so it is impossible to buy something?  Without your toothbrush you will not be brushing your teeth, which is a major drawback for your teeth :) Better take it with your hand luggage: always keep it with you. This prevents problems and you don’t want to be having to visit the dentist unexpectedly :)
You should not travel with things as unpredictable as fireworks even though these are used in some countries where the carnival is very famous and among the excitement and celebration of Christmas and New Year.
All these above potential problems are best avoided on your trip, that is, if you intend to check in at the airport. You can lose things and have damage done.
We invite precaution but want you to enjoy your holiday so be attentive to what you put in your checked baggage. Keep healthy and take the most important things you need. Then you will enjoy it.

Editing by: Catherine Parker