Venice will always amaze you

25/06/2015 17:48

Who doesn‘t know it yet? It´s Venice! The well-known Italian city, with its admirable and famous carnival and monuments and places that will leave you with your mouth open because of their beauty. You can spend some pleasant days here and if you haven‘t yet visited, we encourage you to do so. Visit the most romantic Italian city where every step and corner will surprise you with its beauty.

But don’t waste too much time preparing your luggage! The most important thing is to carry the basics with you: a camera, money - and yes, good humour - to start the journey. Let's go: enjoying the pleasures of Venice begins from the very start. To get more of a feel of it. To understand why everyone is talking about it. To plunge into its unique atmosphere that you‘ll not forget even after you’ve returned home.

Venice is located in north-east Italy in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. 270,800 inhabitants who admire its beauty every day cannot be wrong: that is why they live here. However, you can now capture a part of this experience too, so we will see what can be done in Venice, especially in just two days.

Venice in two days

Us, the editors of this web, know clearly that there is something, the gondolas, that you are going to miss if you leave Venice without having tested them out for yourself. Yet there are people who choose to observe them from the coast even without testing them out. Whatever you choose, it is good to know that prices for a trip on a gondola range from 40€ to 100€. It depends on the distance, whether you enjoy it during the day or the evening and also on the duration of the ride.

But now let's look on a little further at the most famous and touristic places. We start from Piazza San Marco, the symbol of the most romantic city of Italy - Venice. Here visitors gather, observe, rest, talk and eat. The home of hundreds of pigeons, where not only shops, restaurants and cafes but also the great Basilica of San Marcos are located. Entering into it, the variety of architectural styles will surprise you: Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque. 

It is worth seeing! It offers lots of jewellery and beauty of artistic value that cannot be missed. The Ducal Palace is also in the same Piazza. This architectural masterpiece hosted the Duke and the Government. With its two Gothic facades of white stone, this makes it an ideal object for professional and amateur photographers. The interior of the palace is made of marble from Verona.

You will get magnificent views of the Grand Canal, with its gondolas and the Venetian architecture, from the Rialto Bridge. There are always lots of tourists walking along the bridge, chatting or just watching this Venetian jewel. Its construction allows you to cross the famous Canal on foot. It is the oldest of all the famous Canal bridges.

A well deserved rest

Are you tired? We can well believe it. Certainly in Venice there is so much to see and photograph, maybe you didn´t even notice it was lunchtime. Restaurants where you can taste the delicious Italian food are in every corner of the city but, of course, you just need to choose one that suits your taste. Sit quietly, rest and breathe. Take on new energy and enjoy the atmosphere amongst Italians who always seem cheerful. That‘s a good thing, because its natural and positive character will encourage you to discover even more.

Continuing the walk

You should not lose sight of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, with its interestingly decorated walls. The most photogenic gem is the Basilica of St. Mary of Health. The Ca'D'Oro is also known as the Golden House, from the XVth century. It will surprise you with its magnificent facade on the outside. The inside, meanwhile, is full of gems such as paintings, sculptures and tapestries.

If you want to see one of the most photographed places in Venice, you have to visit the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. It hides paintings by Tintoretto and is also famous for the climb to the bell tower from where the best views of Venice are attained.

And much, much more can be seen in the city of Venice with its gondoliers who sing as you become one with the music and go through its beautiful channels. You can visit museums, galleries, other churches or stroll through its narrow streets and cross its bridges where each one has its own story. So! Go if you did not already know this great little corner of Europe! You'll be happy and, of course, you'll be amazed.


Editing by: Laura Hayes