Travelling with Little Money is Really Possible. Read Tips and Enjoy Your Vacation

24/06/2015 11:09

For many people, travel is a lifestyle; for others it is simply a way to relax or maybe learn more about other cultures. Generally, travelling means having money to move and just enjoy everything you can.

Clearly, before you leave home, you should have at least thought about where you can stay and what you will eat. And it may be that a big question confronts you if you plan your vacation but do not have enough money. But do not worry, because now you can also travel with just a little money and spend a few days off without needing to save a lot.

To reduce travel expenses, think in advance how you will travel. If you choose to fly, you can help with a low-cost airline. Looking up the flight a few months in advance, you can very often buy really cheap tickets.

Choose a weekday; do not plan to travel during the weekend or holidays, because at these times the companies always raise prices and thus you’ll need to part with a lot of money, so it’s best to choose a different time. Also, if you choose the dates of your flight in low/off season, you will save a substantial amount.

Take with you only necessities and pack your luggage to a maximum of 10 kilos. You will not have to pay the suitcase charge and you can take all your things for free as hand luggage. Check each airline’s rules on this.
Another way to travel very cheap is using coach transport. For longer distances you can get tired, but you can reach your destination really easily for very little money.

Today there are great possibilities for accommodation in every city in every country. To not spend a lot of money, you will do well if you choose to stay in hostels. If you share the room with other tourists you will not have to pay so much, but if you choose a private room with shared bathroom option, this will also help you to save money.

You can also save money with home exchange. Exchange your house with another family during your vacation and you won´t need to spend money on accommodation. It is free and nobody pays anything. Look at

If you don´t like this idea, and don´t want to let your home to other people, there are other possibilities such as choosing cheaper accommodation, which you can find, for example, at

One option is to buy your own food, because many of the hostels offer you use of the kitchen where you can prepare it. If you don´t like this you can always ask the locals where the good and cheap restaurants are. They usually know very well where you can eat tasty food for little money.
Look for restaurants outside the centre, they are usually cheaper than those in crowded places, where they struggle to attract tourists.

Other Expenses
If you do not mind walking to explore your destination, discover its secrets by walking because you will see much more than if you go by taxi or public transport. You can also do a combination: the route starts off with walking and when you're tired, buy a ticket back to the hostel.
Search the ticket prices of each monument that interests you online. There you’ll likely find the information of the day and times of free/cheaper admission. We also step by step bring you this information and, if you are interested, then you can check here.

In many cases, one way to travel that is very cheap is to choose to holiday in a campsite. There are many possibilities of places where you can spend a few pleasant days resting in nature or, if you prefer, discovering the cities, departing every day from this type of accommodation.


Editing by: Catherine Parker