Transition from Tourist to Citizen of London is now Easier

25/06/2015 17:58

Who does not know London? A city with great potential, full of people, with its famous red buses, and daring squirrels that inhabit the parks and pose for photographers.
A beautiful capital, it receives, not surprisingly, numerous visits from of all kinds of tourists. There are several ways to see London. Listening, reading or watching a documentary, no doubt, you can learn things.
But you can also visit and observe the tourist gems in person, directly, or go there to live. No doubt this last option is the most beneficial for those who really want to know the city.
Visiting London should be on the agenda of every traveller. Of course, for tourists who are visiting the British capital for the first time and wish to sightsee in London, it is important to know the basics.
It is clear that without hearing the sound of the bells of Big Ben and without observing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, without traversing the beautiful interior of Westminster Abbey or without enjoying the wonderful panoramic views from the London Eye it is impossible to consider doing a good trip to London.

All that and more will certainly have to be visited in London, because only then it is possible for tourists to feel satisfied and leave town without remorse.
However, if you want something more special and to enjoy your trip like you're one of the citizens of London, we have an attractive proposal for you.

Cruise on the River Thames
One of the best ways to see London is to observe the surroundings by taking a cruise on the River Thames. We can confirm you will have an unforgettable experience. There are several companies that offer this attractive form of moving sightseeing, in which you can leave or join the boat to visit your favourite monuments as you wish.

You can choose different types of cruises, for example, cruise ships that depart specially for the sunset, or a dinner. Many Londoners have experienced this attraction firsthand.

Shopping in Oxford Street
If you want to take home a good memory of London, as a souvenir, do not miss the famous Oxford Street. But beware, there are many people walking around and doing their shopping, so it is not difficult to get lost there among the tide of tourists and Londoners. The street is lined with shops of the most famous brands, high-end shops, trendy, just all kinds. You also have at your disposal a multitude of cafes and restaurants. Come to shop in one of the most visited streets of Europe.

Sunny afternoon lying in the grass
One of the most original and typical ways to see London is to have a rest and enjoy what nature offers. In every park, every area of ​​grass you can sunbathe as Londoners do. Immerse yourself in the tranquility offered by the parks, lie down and let your thoughts fly freely.
It is also the time to consider your next visit in this very famous and full of original opportunities for remembrance city. Choose and enjoy the sun, which of course in London happens not so often.

Coffee in the crypt of the church of Trafalgar Square
Very few tourists know that in the heart of London, in the famous Trafalgar Square, there is an Anglican church called St- Martin-in-the-Fields. In the catacombs of the church you will find a restaurant with a snack bar where you can relax and choose your refreshments.

The atmosphere is amazing as well as being most original. You can find there the local British inhabitants and feel like one of them, enjoying together the wonders of the capital.

Eat cereal in this original café ─ there are more than 120 kinds of cereal with 30 types of milk and toppings to choose from. Would you like to taste it? Then you are invited to this original coffee bar.
It is open every day and you can have not only cereals of all types but also a variety of beverages such as milk, coffee and tea, among others.

All this will help you feel like a true citizen of London and allow you to experience a real city and its surroundings as lived by the locals. Do not forget that all who live in London pass over Tower Bridge. From there you can take in spectacular city views.

The offer is attractive. You simply have to choose between the many activities that will make your holiday pleasant, cheerful and calm ─ filling your time with fond memories.


Editing by: Catherine Parker