The World's Largest Sauna at your Disposal. Travel now to Norway.

01/08/2015 18:08

Sandhornøya is the island where all the tourists come not only to admire its beauty but also to enjoy life and take care of both health and mind.
The huge (public) sauna is located on a beach where you can get the best views over the Arctic. With facility for around 100 visitors it offers very good conditions not only to care for the body but also for cultural events, lectures and more. These events are held in an amphitheatre-type area, with seating that mimics the traditional Norwegian design of racks of fish.
This famous sauna includes, among others, a gallery and, for the most demanding, has even prepared a small glass-roofed accommodation.
So you have no excuse not to visit Norway. If you thought of Norway as simply a cold country, think again, because here you can see the opposite. We invite you.


Editing by: Catherine Parker