The unusual beauty of Miramare Castle

25/06/2015 22:17

Imagine a place where after waking up in the morning the gentle sea breeze caresses you. A place where you can enjoy an afternoon nap in a large park and at night before going to sleep you hear the faint but audible murmur of the waves. In the past, this could be only enjoyed by the members of the Hapsburg family but now you can, at least for a while, enjoy it too.
Indulge yourself in a trip to this unusual place, which is still not a very well-known destination but, despite this, prides itself on its attractiveness. Join those who have already discovered this beautiful space and enjoy this feeling of almost complete rest. Go back to the past, which teaches you the way of life of the nobility and enter the fairytale castle with its magical surroundings. Visit Miramare Castle!

The residence of the Hapsburg family

Miramare Castle is located in northeastern Italy, on the rocky shores of the Bay of Grignano in the Adriatic Sea, and is approximately five miles northwest of the port city of Trieste. Today, many tourists admire the castle, which was ordered to be built between1856 and 1860 by the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg, brother of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and his wife Charlotte of Belgium.

Miramare Castle was built of white limestone, imported from Istria. In terms of style of construction a combination of modern elements of medieval and Gothic was employed. The Archduke decided to beautify the surroundings of the castle with a large park, which was at that time used as a private garden. The public had access to the garden only once a year; hence, apart from the residents and certain others the castle remained inaccessible. The garden was designed by Maximilian similar to that of the other castle, a little smaller, called Castelletto.

The spectacular residence of Miramare was built for Maximilian‘s own family. After the death of Maximilian in 1867, Miramare Castle became the summer residence of the Habsburgs, who made only some brief family visits to it. During the fierce battles of World War I, all the precious works of art and furniture were moved there as a new, temporary location from Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace in Vienna. By mutual agreement of the Austrian and Italian governments between 1924 and 1925, these historical material goods returned, in 1929, back to their original site.

Today the castle acts as a national museum. On the ground floor there are rooms with interiors in their original state. These are equipped with original furniture of the 19th century, as well as other objects and ornaments that were there at the time of the original owners. You can also find here the bedroom of the Archduke and his wife Charlotte, a dining room, a library and other rooms of this period.

The exhibition is located on the first floor and it will show you the life of General Amadeo of Savoy, Duke of Aosta, also from the previous era of World War I. If you love art do not miss out on visiting one of the rooms where there are paintings by the famous Cesare Dell'Acqua, whose works depict the life of Ferdinand Maximilian through which you can discover the period of the 19th century.

The richness of the park and its corners

The castle is surrounded by a large park where you can relax and spend an unforgettable and romantic time on the Italian coast. With an area of 22 hectares it will offer you several ways to expand the soul in a pleasant natural environment.

The amount of parkland, with its English gardens, fountains and even a lake with swans will seduce you and make you feel like you're in a story, to which you can return only through the idea of revisiting this lovely place. There are tropical trees and plants, including many exotic varieties from Mexico, Asia and America. Its woodlands are characterised by the imposing Cedars of Lebanon.

Its dense woodland canopies provide welcoming shade where you can refresh the mind and renew your energies in the hot days of summer, and then explore other hidden places of the park. You will be accompanied during a walk through the woods by the birds with their bold but pleasant song, which will certainly not disappoint any visitor in this part of the park.
The surroundings of the castle sweeten the way down to the coast. The sight of it is made even stronger by the romantic mood of its environment. Can´t you believe it? Come, then, to see it for yourself! After that, you too will have became one of the fans of this exceptional place.


You can find further information at How to get to Miramare Castle


Editing by: Catherine Parker