Seven Reasons Why it's Worth Getting Lost in Lisbon

25/06/2015 17:57

We travel a little or travel frequently. We are visiting cities for many reasons. Some people like to discover the history and all the hidden landmarks in each beautiful city while others love to just observe life there. Reasons for travel may be varied; usually it’s to have a rest but our choice can often be different.
For spending a holiday, a few days off or a weekend in Lisbon and enjoy the best memories, fully relax and love life, we bring you seven reasons why you should get lost in its streets.
Portugal's capital offers much to see and everyone is interested in different things but among the best, probably we could highlight:

1. 25th of April Bridge
This is the bridge over the Tagus (Tajo) river. At more than 2 km in length it is the longest suspension bridge in Europe. Take a car and drive over the bridge; it is impressive and certainly an unforgettable experience that you will not find anywhere else in Europe. We encourage you to try and gain a short period of great excitement.

2. Torre de Belém
At the mouth of the Tagus River. Enter and live the authentic history of the city. Its five floors with a terrace display defensive cannons and also show you how they threw prisoners from the tower in the past. Discover the rooms of the Kings, and many more and also observe the interior chapel.

3. Jeronimos Monastery
Located near the Torre de Belém. It is undoubtedly one of the most important points of interest if you decide to sightsee in Lisbon. You will have a stunning view both outside and inside. We could safely say that it is an architectural gem − the church where you get lost in its endless columns.
Do not forget to visit the cloisters that surprise you with their size and architectural perfection.

4. Belém Cakes
Visiting Lisbon also means trying delicious Belém cakes. Do not let the opportunity escape that’s offered to you, and try these specialties of Portuguese cuisine. Pastries with milk, vanilla and cream – especially, Portuguese custard tarts. You will ask for more, we assure you; because they are so good that taking only one will never be enough!

5. Tram Number 28
The city centre is made up of seven hills. Traditional, nostalgic and beautiful, tram number 28 will take you through the streets and important districts. Effortlessly and in much comfort you will see the most beautiful parts of the centre and also look at all this beauty of an original tram. Take a tram and enjoy as much as you can.

6. Lisbon Oceanarium
The second largest oceanarium in Europe with a large collection of marine inhabitants. Come and see how sharks, tuna, rays, jellyfish and other fish behave. In the quiet, clean environment, full of more than 8,000 species, you’ll forget all your problems.

7. Rosa Street − Rua Nova do Carvalho
Among the many things to do in Lisbon do not forget to visit the famous street, Rua Nova; a pedestrian street painted pink. If you like nightlife, you can choose from the many bars where you can taste Portuguese tapas and national drinks as well as cocktails with outrageous names.


Editing by: Catherine Parker