Salamanca - Romantic Getaway

25/06/2015 17:47

Almost with closed eyes you can say it's worth visiting the Spanish city of Salamanca and, in particular, all the people who love the romantic and young atmosphere within this beautiful area will share this feeling. Wander the streets hand in hand with your partner and enjoy the unforgettable peace that this city offers in each of its corners.

Joy, laughter , beauty, tranquility and also artistic views will definitely cherish your soul and will not prevent part of your heart from staying in this small but great city of Spain forever. Just as walking, especially at night, will make you wish the day would never end, so will chatting in the coffee shops and bars at this city downtown. If you come, all this and more awaits you. If you do not already know the city, you will learn a lot and see even more.

History, culture, music and social life in places where dazzled young couples say goodbye to each other. An academic environment and, of course, much wisdom. Imagine now that you're in the middle of it. Wouldn´t you like to go?

In the Plaza Mayor you will find almost everything. And for all budgets. Great food, “noise” (in the positive sense of the word) and, simultaneously, history. People in a good mood, enjoying what needs to be enjoyed there while they stay with their friends and see what happens during the day or by night. Do not forget to take some night shots. The lights make it even more romantic than what you can see during the day.

Dedicating a short time to studying or reading something interesting would also be a good plan in the Casa de las Conchas. There you will have the right environment, because that is where the public library is located. Continue to discover this city by going up towards the church towers of the Clergy. Look at the view it offers. Isn’t it beautiful?

Many students study at the Pontifical University. But you won´t see them! Or maybe you will, because it will be during the weekend that they need to rest and they will probably be having a drink with their friends! The Pontifical Catholic University is a private university in this city.

There are many more things to see in Salamanca, so you should not be anything but inspired by the front doors, for example, of the New Cathedral which is next to the Old Cathedral.

Alright! And now, finally! Time to relax! Amongst the various options you have, you can choose one of the cafes where they serve chocolate con churros - very typical for the Spaniards. And if you're hungry, go ahead: go into a restaurant and try a daily menu (menú del día). And rest. Because there are still many things waiting to be discovered.

You can go sightseeing in Salamanca for 24 hours if you want. It just depends on how you spend your holidays in a city that is full of life during each and every one of its different seasons.


Editing by: Laura Hayes