Madrid: always on the move

25/06/2015 17:53

It’s a big city with many people, tourists and a multitude of languages and accents. Days pass quickly here, and life is anything but boring. There are always things to do. And if for some reason you cannot find a person to accompany you, it offers so many activities that a weekend is just not enough to enjoy all that the capital has to offer. So if you come, you‘ll enjoy it to its fullest.

If you decide to go sightseeing in Madrid to discover the city, find enough time to learn everything important that the city offers. In any case, the visit can be as suitable for couples as it is for families or even travellers.

As Spanish as Madrid
The best way to get to know the nooks and the most popular monuments in the capital during the weekend is to start from the centre. It offers the full range of sites and places you should not miss if you decide to visit Madrid.

The Puerta del Sol is the true gateway to everything you can find in Madrid. From here you will know what's important and you will get an idea of the city and its life. A square in the centre where there is noise all day, but which also shows a lot of diverse people, and where tourists and citizens meet. It is the site where many street performers entertain their audiences. Here you will find several streets to walk along for your next visit to the city. The streets are lined with shops and restaurants, always inviting you to taste a rich breakfast or menu.

It may be helpful to take the Calle Mayor to get directly to the Catedral de la Almudena. But before this don‘t forget to visit La Plaza Mayor: full of restaurants and performers and its famous market - Mercado de San Miguel. It offers culinary delights: sweet, salty Spanish food and courses from Madrid. All in an environment that never stops because everyone wants to try their specialities.

When you find the Cathedral, go and view it from the inside too. The admission is free and you can see works of great artistic value. Notice the small chapel. Mosaic walls leave you with your mouth open.

From the Cathedral we continue towards the Royal Palace to plan a visit of around two hours or more. Gradually, we come to the Opera - Theatre where citizens will enjoy true art.

If you are interested in the arts, there are three museums next to each other that offer pure artistic works. The Prado, Reina Sofia and the Thyssen - Bornemisza. Inside you will find artistic jewels from artists of great stature. Surely if you like art, paintings and sculptures, then don‘t miss out on this.

Gran Vía never sleeps
But now we are going back to Madrid's city life with its traffic, its shops and its neverending noise. The Gran Vía. Its name indicates that this road is waiting to show you something big. It would be best to walk through it early in the morning when there are not so many people, because it will be more difficult to enjoy it after among the many tourists and shops. Shops, buildings, restaurants, cafes, noise. The noise of cars passing through certainly gives it appeal as a great street.

At its end, near the Plaza de España, is the next monument to highlight. The Temple of Debod. It is a gift that Egypt gave to Spain for its help in saving the temples of Nubia. Try to take a night-time photograph. If you have the talent you can create a great souvenir!

Cibeles, Retiro ... but .. there's more
During a weekend you might have time to visit the Plaza de Cibeles with the Palacio de Cibeles. This square is the site of the celebrations of the famous football club Real Madrid. When they win here everyone - players and fans - gather to celebrate the victory. All this and more at the Spanish capital.

And when you fancy a break from shops, restaurants and social life, the best solution is the Parque del Retiro. It is the lungs of the city: quiet, clean air and a bit of nature. Head to the park which hides many plants, trees, statues, lakes, swans and boats.

After the fun on the streets of Madrid recover some energy and go back home with the feeling of having lived two lives: it will surprise you how quickly time goes and leave you wanting to come back to this great Spanish city where the people celebrate life 24 hours a day.


Editing by: Laura Hayes