Look at Yourself and Smile in the Mirror of the Waters of Lake Bled

26/03/2016 16:21

Slovenia ‒ perhaps this is a country that is less well known though it certainly has its natural treasures that few people know ‒ it‘s worth being visited by every tourist who appreciates Europe. One of these treasures is Lake Bled, a glacial lake in the northwest of Slovenia, near the town of Bled in foothills of the Julian Alps.

Lake Bled is indeed one of the most visited tourist sites in Slovenia. What makes it especially interesting is the Island of Bled, with its Gothic church, protected by a mountain range, set among a beautiful mountain landscape and connected to the lake shores by the traditional Pletna boats.

More and more tourists travel to this place, encouraged by the good weather as well as the attractions it offers. Above all, take a romantic boat trip or go fishing in one of the best areas of Slovenia, swimming, cycling or simply walk and enjoy the beautiful environment.

It is a place to relax, where you can feel inspired or get carried away by the atmospheric environment that stimulates your senses. This lake, located by the town of the same name, is clear as crystal and the churches and buildings on its shores are perfectly reflected in its mirror-like waters. But it's not just the lake that attracts tourists and travellers to visit and discover this corner of Europe.

There is also a castle that governs the lake‘s waters, as thoughset in a dream landscape. It is located high above the city of Bled on a rocky outcropand it’s worth the climb to experience the unforgettable views of the lake and mountains. The ultimate purpose of the castle was to defend the place. It was damaged after an earthquake and had to be repaired.

To get there, first we have to travel to Ljubljana, just 50 kilometres from Lake Bled.

This is how we all would like to live in Lake Bled ‒ and its island, where we can visit its church, the Church of the Assumption just a short Pletna ride (a local gondola), and where we can see how the green and populated landscape is reflected in its waters.

Lake Bled, its island and its people are a place to visit if you are en route to Europe. Have you already been there? Tell us your experience and share it with others.


Editing by: Catherine Parker