Lake Garda: simply wonderful

25/06/2015 22:57

A true paradise where you can relax both mentally and physically. Definitely one of the best places in Europe for everyone, if you like nature, tranquility, romantic walks, mountains, flowers and lakes but also sports and hiking.
This time we go to Italy. Specifically, to the north of Italy, under the Alps, near the city of Verona. Here is located the largest lake in Italy, known as Lago di Garda.
A region with wonderful landscapes, where all visitors admire the vivid lakeside villages. In this precious environment are also flowers, citrus and olive groves along with majestic and rugged mountains, creating a unique view. And they are not the only views to see here. The surroundings of  Lake Garda are exceptional, and create ideal conditions for water sports, cycling and hiking, among others.

At a height of 65 metres above sea level, the climate is mild during the whole year, but especially from spring to autumn, so you can spend joyful holidays in Lake Garda.
The lake is about 50 kilometres long and its shoreline is surrounded by several towns and villages. The Mediterranean atmosphere is formed by beaches, campsites and the many splendid restaurants and hotels available to visitors.

Active sports and physical activity in a beautiful environment
The variety of activities offered by the lake allows an unforgettable holiday in this part of Italy. Most visitors return regularly, especially from neighbouring countries such as Switzerland and Slovenia but also from the UK.
Clearly, water sports are the priority here, the reason by which many people visit this fantastic place. Windsurfing, diving, rowing, canoeing, kayaking and much more can be learnt here, practised and enjoyed. The conditions offered by Lago di Garda are perfect for this, so why not take advantage of it? Although water is not the only attraction in this place.

Enjoy the mountains and their nature
Trekking, hiking, running, mountain biking, Nordic walking or climbing. You can choose any of these sports which will always suit your energy levels and give you mental and physical wellness. With these excellent conditions many tourists feel rejuvenated after being here.

And continuing with more activities for you; if you like mountains and water but on the ground level, you do not need to look any further. Tennis, golf or horse riding fans have many choices here. Between the lake and the mountains you can discover an Italian area, very well known, which is the favourite for many people. No worries, problems or stress.

And finally − a bit of culture, nightlife, spas and sightseeing, or shopping. Guided tours and excursions will help you to better understand the environment of this lake and thus further your understanding of the rich Italian culture.
The beauty of Lago di Garda and its surroundings leaves no one indifferent. A boat tour opens up possibilities to see the lakeside, the pretty villages and mountains from many angles.
Won´t you be tempted? You will, because both those who like sports and those who don´t, will enjoy the area immensely. No, it's not surprising, because in Lago di Garda there is room for everyone. Lago di Garda invites you to discover and enjoy this small yet most majestic corner of Europe.

Photos: Stefan Schweihofer, Edmund Hochmuth, Stefan Schweihofer

Editing by: Catherine Parker