Five things you shouldn´t take on vacation

24/06/2015 11:06

It happens often that we fill our suitcase with objects we never use during the holidays. So the luggage is above weight and we may have to pay an excess fee at the airport. To avoid these problems and also to use the space effectively we suggest five things you probably will not use and which also take up valuable space in your suitcase.

1. Fat books
Holidays always bring attractive activities that do not give us time to read our favourite book. Besides discovering the cities and beach games, all destinations offer attractions that will make time fly and at the end of the holiday you realise you have not read a page.

2. Hair dryer
Today hair dryers are often available in hotels and also in many cheaper hostels and pensions. If you do not find one in your bathroom or hotel room, you can ask for one at reception. However, to check, you can always call the hotel before arriving and ask if they have dryers available.

3. A lot of shoes
Prepare your shoes depending on the type of holiday and its destination. If you’ve chosen a beach vacation, take some flip-flops, sandals and a pair of sneakers. If you are going to camp in the forest or do mountain tourism, leave sandals at home.

4. The clothes you never use
It's just like with shoes. Choose only the right clothes for your holiday. Do not fill your suitcase with jackets or sweaters in case of change of temperature. Take only one jacket if you’re taking a beach holiday.

5. Cosmetics
Reduce cosmetic products you want to use. In hotels you find shampoos and shower gels at your disposal. Don´t take much make-up for during the holidays as you will not want to use a lot. You can buy small cosmetic collections/travel sizes that will serve precisely for the trip.


Translation: Catherine Parker