Find the hidden treasures of Vienna

25/06/2015 17:56

Surely every capital city should offer its tourists something truly interesting during their visit that should not be missed. There are many monuments, churches, parks and other sites of interest that attract visitors daily with their majesty, beauty and romance. And the exception will not be the capital of Austria - Vienna.

Its beautiful places, Austrian environment, culture and featured Central European sites to admire will convince you that touring Vienna can be done step by step. Once you’ve discovered it at first sight, come back and continue to learn and enjoy it to its fullest.

Answering the question of whether it is enough to spend just a weekend in Vienna is not easy. Some will respond that surely yes, some would say stay a few more days. Actually it all depends on your interest.

If you are interested in discovering this city, it is clear that a few days will not be enough time to visit all the beautiful and interesting parts of the Austrian capital. Certainly, you can spend a weekend consuming new knowledge and go home with lovely memories of this central European city.
We begin our visit to Vienna at Belvedere Palace, located very close to the main train station. Of course, you can choose what's best for you and what best suits your interests in this city.
Belvedere Palace is composed of two buildings, the Upper and Lower. Inside you'll find two art exhibitions of great artists, valuable decorations and other things that attract much interest from tourists.

Outside, it is worth spending a little time in the gardens, beautifully maintained with cooling fountains and flowers of many colours that give the garden a spectacular atmosphere.

But what more can be seen in Vienna? You can visit the Ringstrasse – Ring Street, which encircles the centre of Vienna. Just by going through this avenue you can see many architectural works awaiting this city’s visitors.

You can also visit the parliament of Austria, which has two large rooms, one of which is the headquarters of the National Council, the other being occupied by the Federal Council. In them you can take a guided tour with several languages ​​available.

Hofburg Palace was the residence of the Hapsburgs. Many gems await you: museums, a chapel, church, library and more. In addition, a highlight is the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Apartments. They will leave you with great memories of this imperial Austria.

If you decide to travel to Vienna, you should not miss a visit to this palace. In the same way, we suggest that you visit the palace of Schonbrunn. It is much more worth seeing it with our own eyes than hearing about it, because it is a gem that would be a shame to miss, with its rococo decoration in which one feels like a fairy.

Now, to relax a little you can go to a park like the Stadtpark, with its many gardens of flowers, lakes and bridges, to escape from the heart of the city.

But there is more to be done in Vienna. You can try typical Viennese cake, the Sachertorte, as well as shopping, since there are many beautiful and unique shops that offer all kinds of souvenirs and gifts.

In the Austrian capital there are big brands of clothes and typical Austrian shops. Do you want to discover these? Then go ahead and dive into the world of small consumption. You can learn more about the country from shopping there too" and "see one part of the German culture."

And since we have paused, we will resume our visit and go and have fun at the Prater.
The Prater is an amusement park, so you need to enjoy a whole day there. But if you don’t have much time you can spend at least a little time there.

Want to know about the famous composer Mozart? Great, because you may not get chance to repeat a visit like that of going to the House of Mozart. On a tour of four floors in his home building, you can see the artist's home, as he lived, and get to know his works.

And at the end of our visit, why not go to the Vienna State Opera situated at Avenue: we talked about it in Ring Street -  Ringstrasse? You learn that it can hold an audience of up to 3,000 people as well as about its stage and the other rooms.

It is definitely worth visiting Vienna at least for a weekend, whether you want to know the more bourgeois side of Central Europe, or see one of the German culture. Vienna offers this dual perspective: that of being a member of the EU and being one of three countries along with Germany and Switzerland, which speaks German.

Do you find this interesting? Then you're invited to come to, enjoy and admire Vienna because that's just what you should do in this attractive city!


Editing by: Laura Hayes