Dogs – travellers: not without my owner! A dog’s guide.

24/06/2015 11:12

All of us that have a dog, which lives with us as part of the family, know what it means if we want to travel and do not want to leave the dog behind. Travelling is a nice hobby that everyone likes but it can bring much concern to many dog owners. There are two possibilities. Leave your pet in the hands of other people or take him with you. I'm sure that most travellers would like to take him but what stops them is the opportunity to travel with him especially if going by air.

The possibilities are limited but nevertheless there are always some ways to not leave our friend during our travels. To teach you how to transport your best friend, what conditions are offered by airlines and who does not allow animals on flights we bring you this little guide.

If you want to take your pet with you in the cabin, one of the cheapest companies which permit this is Vueling. Before preparing and paying, make sure your dog, along with the transport box, does not exceed the 8 kilos allowed. Vueling does not allow animals in the hold, so if your pet exceeds the limit, you have to solve the problem another way.

Iberia offers similar conditions, especially in terms of maximum weight. Along with the animal transport box the weight should not exceed 8 kilos. Transporting a dog in an aeroplane is possible when he has a transport box and of course it doesn´t exceed the 8 kilos allowed in the cabin.

Lufthansa also supports dogs in the cabin as well as in the hold. The maximum weight to transport in the cabin is also 8 kilos.

Air Europa accepts dogs in the cabin up to 10 kilos with the carrier. If you exceed this weight, another possibility is to put the dog into the hold.

To take your dog in a British Airways cabin, the weight cannot exceed, with container, 6 kilos.

Brussels Airlines has the most benevolent restrictions and up to 8 kilos weight if you carry it in the cabin.

Wizz Air, Ryanair and EasyJet do not allow pets on their flights.

When you decide to travel with your dog, always keep in mind that each company has its limit on the number of pets that come into the plane. It is best to contact the company with which you want to travel and ask directly.

Each company also has its rules regarding carrier measures. So search for info on their websites or better still, ask them directly.
Once you decide to transport your dog in the hold, remind the stewardess very frequently during the flight to take care of the temperature for your dog - neither too hot nor too cold - so your pet should not suffer and so avoid potential problems that can happen.

Currently there are no possibilities to take your pet into the cabin if his weight is more than 10 kilos together with the transport box. Although many people would pay even more for the privilege, no company would allow this. So we have to respect the rules and decide if it is really worth stressing out our dogs – and ourselves.


Editing by: Catherine Parker