Do You Think You Know Europe Well? The Bay of Kotor will change your opinion

25/03/2016 16:47

Let's go to a surprisingly rugged place in the southwest area of ​​Montenegro, to the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The bay we describe is the Bay of Kotor, the largest natural bay in the south of the Adriatic. The bay is in fact a submerged river canyon.

Breathtaking scenery, which certainly reminds many of the Norwegian coast, but, yes, with Mediterranean colours. Composed of deep cuts in the surrounding mountains, this geographical situation causes climatic fluctuations throughout the whole year.

High levels of humidity especially in the intermediate seasons of spring and fall, with strong winds blowing from the sea, contribute to ensuring a broad vegetation through heavy rainfall.

We speak about a bay which is surrounded by high mountains, the mountains of Orjen and Lovcen, which largely contribute to make this local microclimate. This area consists of several sections and bays: the first section comprises the smaller bays of Toplian, Herceg and Tivat and the second ‒ Morinj, Risan and the Bay of Kotor.

Among them is the narrowest point of all, the Verige Strait, atits narrowest 350 metres, which connects Tivat with Risan and Kotor. Kotor was inhabited for centuries by ancient people and tribes, and later ruled by many nations in turn. Gradually over time it has filled with churches and buildings that are today considered beautiful and of historic value but also from another era.

Kotor is protected by its UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

This place is differrent from other places with fortifications, which makes it touristically unique. The old town of Kotor was built deliberately in  a maze formation to aid protection from intruders. Get lost in its romantic streets to return to find in its small main square, geometrically speaking, irregular features.

Visit its many religious buildings ‒ the oldest cathedral in the city is St Tryphon; also do not miss the Church of Our Lady of Health and the Church of St Clara, with marble altars.

Perhaps you've never heard of this place, Kotor, or you may have had an idea to visit it. You know, it hurts no one to have a list of all the places they want to visit. Maybe Kotor and its bay happily should belong to that list.


Editing by: Catherine Parker