Budapest - Love at first sight

25/06/2015 17:52

You could say it is the jewel of Hungary. Its capital, with all its sights, places to discover and leisure promises you‘ll return home happy and relaxed for having spent  your free time here.
For those of you who like to walk and admire, the monuments of Budapest are the places to visit. For other travellers, those who love to have fun in a big city and learn about another culture, Budapest is also a very good one: you have chosen well.

One good thing about your trip to Budapest is that you don’t always need to prepare for it in advance. Today there are many air connections that make it practically very easy to find a seat on a plane for you, your partner or for your friends.

You can also travel to Budapest using low cost companies that take you from your city to the capital of Hungary in a quick and convenient way. But now, let´s discover its wonders that will in no doubt leave you excited and  make you want to take lots of selfies in its unforgettable areas and surroundings.

Magic from every corner

Normally if you decide to travel around Europe your travel plans include getting to know the most interesting and famous sites. Here are some of the places you could visit:

The Heroes' Square is a large square where friends meet, tourists walk and pedestrians cross when they head to their workplaces. Many statues along with the Memorial share a breath of greatness: From there you are very close to the Museum of Fine Arts which is on your left.

If you take the famous Andrássy Avenue, you‘ll find many beautiful houses, palaces and exclusive stores. It‘s a very large boulevard with plenty of opportunities to admire, have fun or go shopping.

While sightseeing in Budapest you should not forget to visit the Parliament. Yes, the same parliament that it is always shown in the news, when they talk about Hungarian politics. And now, you can observe and create your photographic memories.

There are usually lots of people out there, but don’t let that stop you. If you keep discovering, maybe you‘ll find some journalists preparing new material for news. Watch the river that passes by, the Danube River: we recommend walking along the shore as it‘s a romantic and beautiful promenade that offers good views on two sides. Especially if it's sunny.

Hungarian Romanticism

The Chain Bridge or Bridge Széchenyi is also a visit you should do. At least to see it: but it’s better to cross it. It’s fascinating! And especially at night when all the lights shine in the Hungarian darkness. Enjoy a weekend in Budapest from the bridge over the Danube River and you will see what Hungarian romanticism means. There are plenty of places for cars to go but for pedestrians too so you will not have any problems when you feel like taking a night tour.

The best views to get in ...

Discovering the city includes the Fishermen's Bastion. It is located on the Buda Castle hill and from there you can see the city well but be ready because it has many corridors and staircases.

If you want to get the best views go to the Buda Castle. In the past the kings of Hungary lived there and today you can find the library, museum and the gallery. There are three options for getting there: walking up the stairs, by the slope or using a lift.

Churches that everyone wants to see

Our brief tour of Budapest ends here along with two churches of great caliber.

The Church of St. Matthew, of neo-Gothic style, is a Catholic church situated near the Castle and the Bastion. Many organ concerts are performed here.

And by no means at least, between the places to visit in Budapest you also have the Basilic of St. Stephen. The largest church in Budapest will surprise you with its decoration, paintings, statues and other precious artworks of great value. You can go up the dome and from here get good views of the city.

Budapest has much more to offer not only to its citizens but especially to the tourists who arrive daily to admire this city from all corners of Europe and beyond. Many visitors go back to Budapest to enjoy this jewel and fall in love more and more with the beautiful views that come from more than just the touristic places.

Test it yourself: come and fall in love with Budapest. It will make your trip fun, interesting and entertaining.


Editing by: Laura Hayes