Bergamo Holds a Delight for the Eyes Hidden Behind its Walls

03/02/2016 18:04

Bergamo is a city in the north of Italy in the Lombardy region about 60 kilometres north east of Milan. It is a small town, but certainly worth a visit although it is sufficient for a one-day visit. To travel here, the best option is via Milan, where you simply make a change at the Orio al Serio Airport in Milan to continue to Bergamo.

It is a charming city where you can spend a lovely time in this medieval site, which is flourishing today resplendent in a modern Italy.

The city is characterized by two main parts.

These comprise the Upper City and the Lower City, both sides connected by a funicular. Touristically the more attractive is Upper City, since it consists of many voices transmitted by echoes of its high walls, palaces, churches, squares and narrow stone streets ‒ it certainly makes for a wonderful place to visit in Bergamo.

If you do not have much time, at least visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, which inside houses a beautiful Sanctuary full of artistic gems. It has many decorations, altars, statues and a special quiet that occasionally is interrupted by camera flashes from curious tourists. The entrance is free.

Moreover, Old Town Square is not to be missed and when arriving and walking from Santa Maria Maggiore, you are bound to discover it. This place is lovely and very welcoming; surrounded by medieval buildings it manages to be the ideal place to have coffee and relax in the sun on a terrace.

The Old Town Square has a fountain which refreshes a little, especially during the hot summers.

The Palazzo della Ragione is found in the same place, and it is the oldest City Hall of Italy.

If you keep walking through the Old Town Square, you will arrive at another very interesting venue, the New Palace. The New Palace of Bergamo is now the Civic Library with big rooms furnished with great and precious paintings and frescoes.

Another jewel of Bergamo is the Duomo, a most famous church of the city that you must see if you visit this medieval place. Perhaps it is true that the inside is more interesting than the outside; however, you must enter to see the inside too and make your own judgement.

Then, in the Piazza del Duomo, we have the Colleoni Chapel, beautiful outside and inside. It was built in the fifteenth century as a mausoleum by Bartolomeo Colleoni. He ordered it to be built and it is a magnificent work of art on the site of the former sacristy of Santa Maria Maggiore. It was Colleoni himself who commissioned his soldiers to demolish the sacristy to make way for his mausoleum, maybe not achieved by the best means.

And now let's visit the Lower City to return to contemporary times of beautiful Italy. Here we can see how the northern Italians live and visit the shops and bars, churches, restaurants and theatres.

All this makes up Bergamo, but there is also a train station from where you can visit Milan and all the connections that this city offers.

If we had to choose a prominent place in the Lower City, maybe we'll stay with the Porta Nuova, where there are main streets, bus connections and where life is in full swing, with its passers-by, shoppers and students.


Editing by: Catherine Parker