A pleasant walk through Munich: Do not miss BMW World!

25/06/2015 17:54

Germany is a country that always has a lot to offer and that pleases any traveller. It has perfectly swept streets, as only a few places can show, admirable corners and lots of places that are worth visiting.

Whether it is for nature or the city, as the traveller you will be delighted in such a unique way that you will want to return to enjoy more. Munich is just one of these sites. Although it is not the capital it is definitely worth visiting, so why not spend a few days in this city and quench your thirst getting to know a little more about the German lifestyle?

Travelling to Munich will fill your head with beautiful memories, as it may have done with your other travels through Europe. It is not a small town. It is the third largest city in Germany and every day attracts tourists from all around the world. With more than 1,407,000 inhabitants you won´t get bored and it promises that you will spend a wonderful weekend wetting your appetite for a good trip.

If you are already decided, you just need to prepare and start planning the trip, so do not miss anything important as it will become a pleasant and rich experience full of new discoveries.

The centre and its interesting places

Yes, we know very well how fascinating it would be to see certain cars, such as the BMWs, and try some of their models. But we will come onto that later since Munich´s centre will also delight you with its wonderful places and monuments.

In the centre you'll be sure to locate things easily if you let yourself be guided by the main square. It's called the Marienplatz and we advise you not to leave it too quickly because it has interesting monuments. The one most worth visiting is the New Town Hall that you are sure to see first. From the tower you will get beautiful panoramic views.

We return to the Square. Look at the town hall and look at the top with its lovely chime and figures. Its beautiful melody brings joy to the lives of both visitors and residents of the city.

The Old City also has a beautiful view worthy of admiration. Its Gothic style makes this an elegant view in the daily lives of all pedestrians passing through the square. Finally, there is a brief view to the Column of St. Mary with its four angels and the fountain of fishermen.

Cult object for photography lovers

We continue discovering the centre and enter into the Frauenkirche. The first view is stunning. Three very tall ships and decor that only the best artists could manage.

In the crypt you will see the tombs of the Archbishops. The church is built of red brick and stands 109 metres high.

You cannot talk of travelling to Munich without a visit to the Hofbräuhaus Brewery. It is the most famous brewery in the city with a long history and is of great importance in the Munich Oktoberfest. Are you thirsty? Would you like to taste a German beer? If so, you‘ll find that this brewery is the best place for drinking it.

The Englischer Garten is our next stop. In it we find a lot of people walking around and enjoying a wonderful weekend. It’s a very relaxing place: a park with lakes, terraces, restaurants and, of course, beer gardens. Within the park you'll find the Chinese Tower providing an exotic atmosphere.

Amongst the many things to see in Munich we could also include the Karlsplatz. It's another great view in the city centre. Karlstor, for example, is one of the most famous gates of the city.

Culture and other artistic jewels

You will enjoy some culture at the Pinakothek, one of the most important museums. The Pinakothek is the museum of modern art of the 20th century.

Tourism in Munich also means a visit to the Royal Residence, the largest palace in Germany with its own history and architecture. It has many large rooms decorated with numerous artistic treasures.

If you're still not satisfied and want to know more about places to visit in Munich, the Square Odeon or just the Odeonsplatz is a monumental delicacy.

It is surrounded by beautiful buildings of great touristic value. Clearly it's worth a visit to admire the jewels that are to be found there.

If you are willing to leave the centre and learn even more, we recommend you visit the Olympic Park with its Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower). It is a TV tower, of almost 300 metres. It has a restaurant at which you can enjoy delicious German courses whilst admiring the beautiful city of Munich.

And finally, the BMW Welt (BMW world). It is located very close to the Olympic Park and here you can fully enjoy an exhibition of vehicles from this globally recognised brand.

You will not only find here the most modern cars but also Formula 1 vehicles. All the information is available to you. It's a good opportunity to see the cars first-hand. You can also make a visit to the BMW factory and the BMW Museum.

In Munich you can see much more and a weekend at least will allow you time to see the great gems of this beautiful German city.

What do you think about our short tour of Munich? Choose a few days to enjoy it yourself. You'll be one of the many tourists satisfied with a visit to this city.


Editing by: Laura Hayes