One of the countries of Central Europe where year after year its tourism industry grows. More and more tourists visit the Czech Republic, which in the past was part of the same state as Slovakia. Despite the many things that these two countries have in common, the Czech Republic has its own culture, geography and economy: its idiosyncrasies. Connections with its capital Prague are good, so if you want to know this area of Europe, you'll probably find cheap flights to the Czech Republic from many parts of the continent.

Official Language and Population of the Czech Republic

Entering the country and listening to the people talk, you will easily recognise the official language of the Czech Republic. Yes, it is Czech. It is a Slavic language. But beware, because in the country, especially in the capital, live many Slovaks who speak their language too, different but actually very similar. The population of the Czech Republic is more than 10.5 million, which means that it is not a big country but it is not the smallest.

The Capital and Other Cities

It is quite likely that your travel to the Czech Republic includes a visit to the capital − Prague. Do not miss the opportunity if it comes your way because Prague is the jewel of the country. Discovered and admired by many, this city is on the Vltava River. There are many things to do in Prague, so let's take a walk to see what you should not forget when visiting the capital.

The old town square with the Astronomical Clock is always where people meet each other and you can walk on the Charles Bridge and visit the beautiful Prague Castle. So, you already know the basics that all visitors need to see in the capital of the Czech Republic. To see the sights and live unforgettable moments in this city, try to arrange your holiday for more days and then you can enjoy all Prague has to offer: squares with cafes, monasteries, churches, streets and towers with the best panoramics of the city.

Other major cities worth visiting are: Brno, Ostrava, Plzen − currently the European Capital of Culture, Liberec, Olomouc and Karlovy Vary.

Member of the EU and the Czech Koruna as Official Currency

The date 1 May 2004 is a very important day for all the Czechs. Since that day the Czech Republic has been a Member State of the European Union. Although the country took this step it is not a member of the euro area yet, so the official currency of the Czech Republic is as in the past, the Czech Koruna.

A Mild Climate

The country's climate is mild with cold and snowy winters and warm summers. There is much rain, especially in spring and summer. The minimum temperature in winter is usually around  -5ºC, while in summer temperatures can reach 31ºC.

Nature and Relaxation

The Czechs know very well where are the best areas of nature to relax and escape from the busy everyday life, that is often stressful. Mountains, forests, lakes and snow – all that they enjoy in this country and that you can enjoy too. The Šumava National Park is one of those sites where it is possible to rest among nature. Large plateaus, forests, rivers and lakes are definitely a good helper to achieve the best relaxation. Another very popular place for the Czechs is the protected area of Jeseniky.

More Interesting Things

The famous car brand ¨Škoda¨, with its headquarters in the city of Mladá Boleslav, belongs to the Volkswagen Group. Year after year it produces hundreds of their cars with great success worldwide.

The Czechs are also proud that the country has 12 historic gems inscribed in the list of the World Heritage of Unesco.

And, we should not we forget the ice hockey. This sport is famous here and the Czechs showcase their victories in the Olympics or in the World Championships.

The Czech Gastronomy

If you plan to travel to the Czech Republic, you shouldn‘t forget to taste its rich cuisine. Pork, duck or rabbit accompanied by vegetables, mushrooms and knedlíky describe the best of the Czech cuisine. The knedlíky are similar to dumplings, but like soft pieces of bread, made of flour, yeast, oil and milk. These accompany many Czech courses such as knedlo-vepřo-zelo, the national dish. It consists of roast pork, knedlík and cabbage. Nobody should forget its famous beer − Pilsner − and other alcoholic drinks such as Becherovka or Fernet.

Useful Tips
  • Czech banks generally open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

  • Tips are usually 10% of the total amount in restaurants

  • Power supply is 230V

  • You can safely drink the tap water

  • From 1 November to 31 March it is compulsory to use winter tyres. Also, throughout the year, it is mandatory to have dipped headlights on even during daytime.

Editing by: Catherine Parker