Austria is a country in Central Europe which offers much to see, enjoy and learn, where you can have a good time and bring home unforgettable memories. Do not miss the opportunity if offered to visit this country.

If you speak German it will suit you, but if you cannot understand the official Austrian language, do not worry, you will certainly find help with English or another language.

Thanks to the many touristic resources Austria offers, you're not going to get lost in this country if you do not speak its language .

Austria is a federal republic, with more than 8 million people, which is divided into 9 states known as Landers. The best known are Vienna, Salzburg, Tyrol and Burgenland, but Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Carinthia, Styria, Vorarlberg are also part of this country.

There is much to see in Vienna

The most famous city is the capital of Austria - Vienna. It offers plenty of sights to see and admire and more than 100 museums where you can choose between large and small artistic jewels of work.

If you visit this city, make sure you experience its famous parks and gardens and stroll along the River Danube − lighten your spirit viewing the swans caring for their young or hire a boat and spend a romantic time there.

Other major and important cities worth visiting are Graz, Linz, Salzburg or Innsbruck.

EU member state

In 1995 Austria joined the European Union and became an EU member state. The currency in Austria is the euro, which was established in 1999 when Austria entered as a member of the euro area.

The weather

Austria offers great holidays for absolutely everyone. If you like visiting cities and the countryside, discovering monuments, history and culture, we recommend visiting the country between April and October. 

At this time the weather is pleasant. For all of you who love snow and skiing, the Austrian Alps offer fantastic winter skiing conditons.

Generally speaking, the climate of Austria is quite marked. The east of the country has warm summers and relatively cold winters, when the temperature gets too low. It can rain any time of year.

In the west, winters are much milder and summers are hot. Anyway, summer temperatures do not usually rise above 35º C while in winter they range from 0°C to -20 C.

So, it all depends on what part of the country you are in.

Mountains and lakes

More than half of the territory of Austria is mountainous. Many tourists visit the country especially for the Alps which are found also in this part of Europe. To everyone who loves lakes this country is a paradise. The lakes and mountains make it most attractive and touristically interesting.

Music, religion and the famous parliament also define Austria

More than 70% of the Austrian population is Roman Catholic, but you can find here also churches of other religions such as Protestant, Orthodox or Islam.

Austria is famous through the music of composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Peter Schubert. Their works are known worldwide and even now we hear and play them in all classical concerts not only in Austria.

Let´s not forget to mention the important Austrian Parliament that is divided between two chambers. The Nationalrat has 183 members elected for four years and the Bundesrat has 62 members representing the provinces.

After walking, a good meal please!

The cuisine of Austria is represented by delicious dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel. If you visit a restaurant, do not forget to ask for it since you will learn more about the country’s gastronomy.

It is a fried fillet of veal accompanied with potato salad or roast potatoes and lemon slices. In many restaurants it is also accompanied with a simple salad. As for dessert, it would be a shame not to taste the famous Sacher Torte or apple strudel − Apfelstrudel.

Useful Tips

  • When travelling to Austria bring your European Health Assistance Card or at least the Provisional Certificate. If you need urgent medical assistance during your stay, it will cover these services. To do this you can go to a public hospital or a private doctor.

  • By dialing 112 – the emergency phone number − you can ask for any type of assistance according to your needs. In pharmacies you can also ask for help regarding over the counter medications. They are open every week day, and some even on Sundays and evenings too.

  • You can confidently drink tap water because it is clean and of good quality. 

  • In restaurants, tips are usually between 5-10% of the bill’s total, naturally only if you've been happy with the service and the food.


Editing by: Catherine Parker

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