Travelling in Europe!

Travelling Europe shows you the old continent, gives you the latest tourism news as well as important events. You will also find all the tourist information that might be useful during your tour of Europe.

The old continent can offer many cities filled with history as well as barely discovered romantic treasures, reminiscent nature and the diversity of cultures: all these add up into one and might not impact at first sight.

Europe is not only famous for its capitals, beaches, countless, history and Christianity. Travelling in Europe is much more than that. We could talk for hours, travelling every day of our life on this part of the planet and still not know everything that this continent offers.

Every country provides something special and different aspects of this continent make Europe exeptional.  Every little place and corner makes it worthy of being visited by many people around the world.

We also love Europe. We come from different countries within this continent. We like to travel and explore each and every part of Europe so we created this website to help us show you all its beauty from each of our perspectives. We would like to provide you with all the necessary and useful information to help make your travel in Europe memorable.

We bring you the latest travel-related news and useful advice and tips plus we present each of Europe's best destinations, transportation and accommodation and even gastronomy  We also inform you of the most important tourist resources and monuments. We would like to offer you all this and much more from this website dedicated to travel across Europe.

Little by little we are gathering photographs of places, to give a better idea and awaken the desire within you to travel more and see the world. We would like to show you the wonders of Europe by interviewing famous and not so famous travellers as well as common people who can bring you closer to several different and interesting destinations.

We will be happy to receive any suggestions, opinions, questions or comments to support our project and, due to your help, improve it. In order to help us with our site you can use the Contact Us form that is always available.

We hope that our European trip website will capture and take you to new and undiscovered places within our continent.


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Valdimarsdóttir, Bergsson, Haraldsson and Jóhannesson are just some examples of how curious  the language is here. We are in the northwest of Europe, in the Atlantic Ocean and nearer to Greenland than the Scottish mainland.